Seinquis + Lance: The Wedding

My job is pretty great for a lot of reasons - not least of which is the ability to spend my summers with so many awesome couples and their families. It really is a highlight of my job, and feel so lucky to celebrate weekend after weekend with people I really adore.Level headed and sweet, Seinquis and Lance are a solid couple. Obvious best buds, they share a sense of humor that can only be described as mildly sarcastic with a touch of pragmatism. They are good people with good friends and good family. In my opinion, the best kind of people - throughly midwestern.

They were married at Lance's hometown church in Breckenridge, Minnesota with a reception at Dakota Magic Casino near Hankinson, North Dakota. Their wedding day weather started off beautiful - sorta cloudy skies with a touch of humidity. As the day progressed, so did the weather. By the time the receiving line had finished, a enthusiastic storm cell had moved in and down, down, down came the rain. That didn't stop this crew from celebrating in full force, however. And by the time we reached the reception, the clouds had parted and we were left with a gorgeous evening.