Jon + Emily: The (Surprise!) Vow Renewal

Sorry fellas, when it comes to romantics, Jon Holth takes the cake. His reign as King of the Romantics was cemented this past October when he surprised his wife, Emily, with a vow renewal ceremony just a few days after their third wedding anniversary.I was lucky to document the awesome occasion, and even became part of the plot to lure Emily to the Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks, the very place where they were married three years prior. The plan? We were to meet up to do some super awesome maternity photos. In actuality, Jon had arranged a beautiful slideshow of photos which they viewed, seemingly alone, in the theatre.

As the slideshow ended with a slide that said "Will you Marry me?", up raised the curtain which revealed Jon and Emily's closest friends and family. Emily said "yes" and the surprise vow renewal commenced.

After the ceremony, we continued with plan A and I photographed Jon, Emily and Sophia in downtown Grand Forks. Then, along with the guests, headed to the Holth home for a small social hour (which was later followed by a sit-down dinner). So, so, so many adorable children!

Thanks again Jon and Emily for allowing me to document your beautiful lives. I can't wait to meet your brand new little girl and photograph all your milestones :)