Sara + Jarod: The Engagement Session

My first wedding of the summer season is this coming Saturday. And, it just so happens to be this beautiful, beautiful couple:

That's Jarod and Sara, just in case you were wondering. I've known Jarod a long, long, long time. Since 4th grade, to be exact. Not only did we graduate from high school together,  but Jarod and I were childhood neighbors. And, not the borrow a cup of sugar, next-door neighbor type. We both grew up in the country near Erhard, Minnesota... in... the middle... of nowhere. Seriously. Those bus rides were excruciating.

Now fast forward to 2011, and who do I see at my 10-year high school reunion but Jarod and his super nice lady friend Sara. After chatting with them a bit (and figuring out that Jarod and Sara are a perfect pair - cool too), Jarod asks if I'd like to photograph their wedding. Um, yes... please.

So, yes. The wedding is this Saturday at Rustic Oaks (double yay!). A couple weeks ago, we met up for their engagement in the most beautiful place on earth: the Erhard hills. Home sweet home.

Oh, and this is Gracie. She's Jarod's parent's pup and a bit of a camera ham. She totally posed for this photo.