Welcoming Autumn with a Bit of Change

Yesterday, I witnessed a flock of geese flying in V formation. Okay, okay - they were traveling northwest and not south but it reminded me nonetheless that the season of boots, tights, scarves, and Pumpkin Spice Lattes (Yes, I'm one of those people) is nearly here.

With the change of season also comes a few changes in my portrait pricing. If you are a current client or you're planning on booking your first session soon, take note at a few new changes in portraits.

You can now book online

I've now made it even easier to book your portrait session. Starting this week you can initiate the booking process by scheduling your session time right online. No more back and forth email to find a perfect date.

Right now I'm booking online through October. There are just a few dates available (I only book a few sessions per week), so make sure to schedule your session soon.

Product credit: AXED!

Due to lack of enthusiasm about including product credit with my collections, the item has been axed. While you'll still get 30+ edited images in your online gallery, as well as your choice of 5, 15 or all the digital files (with print release), I will no longer be offering the product credit with my collections. 

Portrait Collection Prices: REDUCED!

The cool part about dropping product credit from the collections?  My collection prices have changed... in your favor. Rates now start at $300. 

Product Credit to Expire September 30

Current clients, if you have product credit you still need to use up I recommend doing so by September 30th. After that time, all product credit can be used towards albums and large display items only and cannot be used online. Please send me an email if you need your product code. 

Oct 1st: Print prices will be reduced

Starting Oct 1st, I'm drastically reducing the price of prints to urge you to purchase high quality prints via your online gallery. Your images will be dropped shipped to you directly and usually take just a few days to arrive.

Introducing the "mini session" to bonus sessions!

It's so nice to see your beautiful faces throughout the year. That's why I love offering bonus sessions at a reduced rate. I'm continuing the tradition and will now be offering two options - a "mini session" and a "full session" - to add to your existing collection. A mini session is perfect for those who just want a few images - a short 20 minute session with 20 images to choose from. 

Note: Prices have changed for the "bonus session" option. If you are currently in the middle of your collection cycle, I'll honor the previous "bonus session" rate until the end of your year

Bonus Session Restrictions

I should note, I've also added a few restrictions to bonus sessions These restrictions begin immediately.

1. You cannot gift bonus sessions to friends or family. 

2. These sessions are per household only and do not apply to extended family groups. 

3. While the actual sessions may be scheduled for anytime within the year of your collection cycle, you must book them at least 3 months in advanced. If you are hoping to use your bonus session close to your session end date, please book that 3 months prior.

4.  The "Mini Session" does not apply to newborn sessions.

My goodness, that's a lot of information! If you have any questions on the new changes to my portrait pricing, please don't hesitate to send me a note.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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