Xander at Six Months

One of my goals for this summer is to start blogging more consistently. Hopefully by June, I'll be able to share photos that I've taken recently. After all, when you take pictures of kiddos, especially wee kiddos, a matter of two months is huge! Take for instance Xander. In March, he was just beginning to sit. Now, I've heard a rumor he's a crawling machine (or getting there, at least). Goodness, they grow quickly.So, yes. Expect lots and lots of posts in the next few weeks as I try to catch up.

Now, back to Xander... because, after all, this post is about him....well, and his awesome parents too. A few years ago, I had the honor of photographing Jen and Jerry's wedding. Since then, I've declared them one of my favorite couples. They're cool, laid back and awesome all around. So, imagine my excitement when I found out they were having a kiddo. Now amplify that by 5 when they asked me to photograph their 6-month babe in March. I was one happy camper.

I'm a big fan of Xander. He is charming, smiley and cool. Couple that with his (nearly) bald head and HUGE brown-hazel eyes, and you have yourself a total heart breaker.