Summer Scheduling

Don't blink. No seriously, do not blink. I'm not talking about Doctor Who's creepy Weeping Angels "don't blink". We're not going back in time, here.  No. It's worse.  Don't blink or before you know it the future is now.

Lately, I've really been resisting blinking. Next fall, my little guy will officially start full time daycare. And while I feel extremely lucky that I've been able to stay home with him (with some help a couple days a week) over the last year or so, I know my days are numbered.

After much consideration (and with eyes wide open) I've decided to stay home this summer with my little guy and my not-so-little girl (who finishing up first grade!) I'm excited to see the adventures we will have, and I'm a little nervous not to be working like a mad-woman during the summer months. Luckily, my wedding schedule is heavier this fall than in the summer, so taking some time away shouldn't be the end of the world. 

“Don’t blink or before you know it the future is now.”

I will be scheduling a few portrait sessions this summer, though only one per week. Session are are limited to Tuesday-Thursdays afternoons/early evenings. If you are interested in scheduling a session this summer, please contact me sooner than later. I'll book them on a first come, first serve basis. 

Availability will open up in September when I return to work full time (after two years!). I'd urge you to think about scheduling those sessions too as fall is always a busy time.

I really want to thank my fabulous clients who've stuck with me over the last couple of years despite my erratic hours and sometimes lackluster communication. Pregnancy (especially hormones during and after) and parenthood has a way of putting a wrench into things. But, you know what? Watching them grow into little awesome humans is a pretty darn cool and I'm happy I've been able to do it.